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There are many ways that can be accomplished. Contingent offers are the most common ways. This allows you to pick out your new home first. Not sure what your current home is worth? We can sell your current home and then place an offer on the next home. Rent backs are another common form of allowing you the cushion of finding just the right one. And also don’t forget seller contingency to find the next home. All of these are great tools to get you your next dream home.
Most people need to do a little something. Leaky pipes to painting. Fresh carpet is always a good idea. We try and minimize expenses and make sure you don’t do anything unnecessary. A consultation with us is always the best way to start.
We do! We have cultivated over 50 of the best of the best vendors all over the area to help you with your projects.
Many factors go into pricing home. The general rule is homes in your general area, not to cross freeways or bridges and a few hundred square feet up and down from yours. Upgrades are a huge difference maker – kitchens, master baths and backyards are the biggest return on investment. All of this is why we can’t tell what it is worth on the phone and to schedule a consultation with us to determine the home price. Also to note, don’t panic! One low home sale in your neighborhood does not move the entire market!
The market is great! Sellers are enjoying great gains on their homes. And yes, there are still some great buys out there. We are experts on upcoming areas and where we think the next great hot spot is.
Yes! There are a lot of great loan programs out there. We work with a great group of lenders. We would be happy to connect you with the right one.
We value every interaction and are here to provide knowledge and education. If you have any questions, please ask! You are never wasting our time.
Here on the Renee White Team, we all have our specialties. Our buyer specialist is an agent who focuses solely on working with buyers. They are expert negotiators and see hundreds of houses each month, making it a priority to find the house of your dreams for you, as fast as possible.
The advantage to working with a team is that each person is focused on the part of the process that they are experts at. You don’t want your mechanic filling your tooth. It’s the same with real estate. Each of us our highly trained in what we do and love it.

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